Testing Tomorrow (TT) is no stranger to hard work and dedication. Formed in Los Angeles, California early 2003 by Colorado guitarist/songwriter Jeff Lewis Stevens and New York vocalist/lyricist Jesse Dean, the band currently includes international percussionist Diego “Grom” Meraviglia (Italy), Guitarist Jimmy Thompson (Australia), and bassist Andrew ‘Drewski’ Barnes (Maui, Hawaii).

Since 2003 the band has recorded and released several well received, self-produced works including 2 full length albums, 2 EP’s, and a number of Singles through physical and digital media. The group shares a common vision to explore the boundaries of rock while continuing to maintain an appealing and commercial musical edge.

Released in 2006, ten song album ‘ONE’ was TT’s 1st full length production, Co-Produced and Engineered by DD Ehrlich (known for edit work with Slayer, Slipknot, Metallica). The album introduced Testing Tomorrow as a hard rock, intense, and well-rounded group. Songs such as RABBIT, GRIP, and WATER are top sellers to date.

A rhythm section lineup change during production of ‘ONE’ enhanced the commercial appeal of the album. Percussionist Gererado “G” Mejia (El Salvador) and Bassis Alfred “Freezy” Hughes (Chicano, Los Angeles Native) were added as members to Testing Tomorrow.

The change allowed TT to promote the album to a much larger audience including a huge Spanish speaking population through shows and interviews.

The album and songs continue to sell steadily in both physical and digital form.

The 2nd TT release (digital form only) a 6 song EP entitled ‘The Push’ came in 2008. Co Produced and Engineered by Rae DiLeo (Army of Anyone, Filter, STP), ‘The Push’ clearly showed the musical maturity and growth of the band. Darker and more complex than ‘ONE’, this EP spawned what would become some of the band’s most popular singles such as 3AM, Cynical, and Revolver. ‘The Push’ not only increased the band’s following but helped to brand them. The graphic work of Jeff Stevens became an indelible part of the TT allure, giving the band a visual presence to coincide with their ambiance.

As the band prepared for release number 3 in 2009, internal, directional conflicts ended the tenure of Mejia and Hughes. Stevens and Dean continued to prepare and write taking on some acoustic shows in the interim. After holding auditions, Andrew ‘Drewski’ Barnes flew in from Hawaii to join the band on bass guitar and contribute to the completion of the new compositions. Soon after (and still internally debated to this day on how things took place), native Italian Diego ‘Grom’ Meraviglia, a veteran of the international rock scene and professional musician, contacted the band and was shortly confirmed as the new drummer, completing Testing Tomorrow’s new lineup.

‘The Pull’ was recorded and released in 2010 (physical and digital) as a 5 song EP counterpart to ‘The Push’. The album’s title was a play on words symbolizing the band’s roller-coaster career within the California underground rock scene. Benefitting from a strong lineup and “pushing” the band forward, the promotion of the EP saw TT opening for the likes of Nonpoint, Sevendust, Billy Idol, and Metal Skool throughout the Southern California club circuit. Top selling songs include ‘Momma Knows’ and ‘Silent Underground’.

The 2011 digital release of ‘Deriva’, a single featuring soundscape characteristics with the addition of orchestral strings, was written in honor of the disastrous earthquake and tsunami occurrences in Japan that year. Co-Produced and recorded by Steven Leavitt, Deriva showed what could only be called foreshadowing for Testing Tomorrow’s new direction and fully matured sound.
In late 2011 Testing Tomorrow made the decision to create another full length album, an album that would finally and totally define the band as a label ready and business savvy group of professional musicians. The Album would be called ‘TRIBES’.

After more than a year of writing and production ‘TRIBES’ is now complete.

Molded in the streets of Los Angeles and the ethereal Mojave desert, this new sound, like its surroundings, has the uncanny capability to attract people of all walks of life.

Moved by a common purpose and vision, TT joined forces with famed gold-record producer Rich Mouser (Oleander, Spock’s Beard, Weezer, Corrosion Of Conformity, Dream Theater…) and album producer Steven Leavitt  to bring their master opus to reality. Self-financed, the record stands as the culmination of over 10 years of the band’s struggles and victories. An intense “back to rock’n’roll, gritty-desert-modern rock” album, TRIBES contains the essence of the melting pot that is Los Angeles…the essence of the modern TRIBE and the matured quality brand that is TESTING TOMORROW.



Tribes – Testing Tomorrow is more like friendly post grunge melodic heavy rock, sometime bordering on metal like Black Cats or Haunting Me. Yet that latter song more likely points to something greater: TT’s ability to craft a heavy rock song with a catchy melody, nice groove, and good vocals.
Dangerdog Music (June 2014)

Tribes – “The songs are catchy and expertly crafted, the musicianship is beyond reproach, and the whole package is delivered with real conviction. In terms of production, the album has been extremely well recorded and mixed — especially compared with some earlier stoner/desert‑rock albums, many of which sound like they were recorded using a potato.”
Sound on Sound Magazine (March 2014)

THE PULL – ” The opening Track ‘Mama Knows is a pounding track that punches you right in the chest. Jesse Dean is one of the best vocalists I’ve heard in quite a while and it shows on every track his word play on ‘Mama Knows’ is nothing short of addicting. ‘Olivia’ is a great lyrical track with eerie keyboard work. ’Silent Underground” is probably the strongest track vocally, lyrically, and musically on the EP. If I had to put a finger on a weak spot it would have to be ‘Universe’ not that it’s a bad song, but all the other tracks before and after just have more momentum and swagger. Overall an outstanding effort from Testing Tomorrow. I hope to see a full length album release from these guys very soon. Testing Tomorrow should be able to “Push” or ”Pull” their way right to the top.”

- Jeff M., Little Rat Bastard (Sep 01, 2010)

THE PULL – “Hard rock may have just found it’s new leader with Testing Tomorrow. This genre has been lacking for several years now, so it’s about time someone came around to change the negativity.”

- LMP Magazine, LMP Magazine (Nov 01, 2010)
THE PUSH – Testing Tomorrow is no joke. The band has been slowly progressing towards rock stardom one fan at a time. At show in Hollywood, CA this spring Testing Tomorrow raked in 2000 fans, an impressive number for an unsigned band. While the band hasn’t had their big break just yet, success may be just around the corner.


ONE – “I fancy their traditional numetal quite a lot. Sometimes, simple and classic metal can be the right medicine to get through the daily routines.”

“…this album [ONE] will do just fine as a morning starter – rock it up folks! ”

- Kaj Roth, Melodic.Net (Jul 01, 2007)


“TT is nominated for Producers choice and best National Band for LA Music Awards.So is the worth the wait? Jesse Dean: It’s an honor. We played for the judges years ago. It’s nice to see they still love us. What would you like to say to music lovers of India? Jesse Dean: We are as much fans of you as you are of us. Thank you for being amazing fans and feel free to write anytime!!”- A Joe Lanong, Indian Music Mug (Apr 02, 2012)

“Join us as we talk with Vocalist Jesse Dean about his musical background, influences and projects. Jesse currently sings for Testing Tomorrow and has a special announcement!!! Listen to find out what it is!!! Pleas visit: http://www.testingtomorrow.com/”


ALL Music – http://www.allmusic.com/album/the-pull-mw0002086926


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